• Add new customer to store

    Save customer information seamlessly during checkout, easily build customer databases and engage more with them with the option to email their receipt and details.

  • Import bulk customer list into the store

    Easily upload CSV file from your customer database over Howmuch and let POS organize it further.

  • Promotion of the product by launching SMS

    Send personalized emails and SMS and arrange offers to keep your customers committed. Keep a track of their feedbacks and responses. Involve your customers with the right social messages and expand your business through Howmuch with marketing add-ons.

  • Make sound decisions based on real-time reporting

    Manage one central customer list for all your outlets, including your store. Your customer database and their purchase history will always be in sync no matter where your customers are shopping. With POS tools, keep your customers engaged by updating new offer, request feedbacks and develop helpful insights.

  • Discount Management for customers

    Bring new customers into your store by offering discounts, coupon codes, best deals etc. and manage refunds effortlessly across all your products, stores and customer segments.

  • Customer Purchasing History

    Shoppers love it when you give them the ability to buy whenever and however they want. Manage customer purchasing history and know your customers purchasing habit.