• Understand your customer

    Using reporting you can understand your customer behaviours. You know the purchasing timing of your customer and you can aim your promotion as per the time when your customer schedule the purchase and it will give you the edge from other competitors.

  • Assemble your own particular reports

    Modify your business reports to effectively perceive how your stores are performing, what items are profiting, and find who your best salesmen are.

  • Comprehend whats happening wherever you are!

    All information is put away securely in the cloud, so you can get your reports from wherever you are.

  • Make sound decisions based on real-time reporting

    Get a detailed insight of how your store is performing with customized sales report. You have ability to see which product is most in-demand and discover which brand have the shortest or the longest shelf life. Your data can be stored in the cloud so you have full access to your store’s report anytime anywhere.