• Access your store anywhere, anytime!

    Easily access your sales, products and reports, and always have the latest data. Howmuch is a rapidly growing platform for retail stores. Keep track of all your customers in one place and manage your business statistics from anywhere, anytime.

  • Simple yet advanced technology and tools

    Access the best technology for your business and manage your store from desktop, tablet or phone. An all in one solution for every retail business, listing significant features to ensure retail success. With the help of inventory management, simplify purchase orders and inventory and integrate your POS via our platform.

  • Grow and expand your business easily

    Howmuch is quick and affordable to scale. Add new staff, registers, sales channels and locations in just one click. Monitor your store through various reports whether you are at the store or outside.

  • Retail Statistics

    With the help of our platform, manage detail statistics of your business to help your business by identifying areas that need improvement. Selling online makes it more easier for customers to buy from you, in turn boosting sales and repeat business. Widen your reach by reaching out to customers in different areas.

  • Award-winning product in Retail & Supply Chain Management

    Howmuch has been honored with Best Retail & Supply Chain Management Award in Pakistan.